Kravet Couture introduces Modern Luxe Izu

Modern Luxe Izu showcases the beauty of ancient Japanese art and time honored traditional dyeing techniques. Drawing inspiration from art, culture, landscapes and nature, this exclusive collection of luxurious fabrics is a dynamic assemblage of bold color, dramatic pattern and sophisticated textures and qualities.

A hallmark of this collection is its history. During the creation process, the Kravet Couture design team dipped into the renowned Kravet Inc. archive to find a unique story to tell. Inspired by past trips by Creative Director Scott Kravet to Japan, Modern Luxe Izu brings time-honored techniques to the forefront for a truly remarkable collection of patterns.

Authentic hand-painted kimono designs dating back to the early 20th century are used to inspire the wonderful patchwork print OSODE, as well as two standout jacquards, ONSEN and UTTA, which illustrate wave and mountain motifs. Also originating from a document in the Kravet archive is KAIYOU, a dramatic wave pattern printed on velvet with a matte metallic accent. This lead print exemplifies the overall aesthetic of Modern Luxe Izu through its dramatic larger pattern statement, soft hand and strong Indigo color.

More subtle nods to the signature brush techniques of Japanese painting are seen in designs like BAMBOO STITCH, where a subtle brushstroke jacquard is embroidered with linework on the surface. YOSHINO, a jacquard velvet, is reminiscent of Japanese brush painting as well, with layers of color crossing to create a beautiful texture.

Modern Luxe Izu possesses many decorative qualities with distinct custom patterns executed in a range of fabrics from chunky velvets and prints to beautiful signature embroideries. LOTUS POND, a fantastic large scale figurative embroidery, depicts a koi pond done on a lovely linen ground. The collection also includes subtle textures, like NOW AND ZEN and SUMI, which provide the groundwork to layer in many of the decorative patterns.

Highlighted is the very saturated Indigo color story found in so much of Japanese shibori dyeing and ancient paintings. Sparkling aquas, greens, corals and golds found in the silk jacquards of traditional kimonos are used throughout the collection as well. To satisfy a more subdued look, these decorative patterns are also executed in clean, warm neutrals and dramatic, stormy grays enhanced with a touch of lilac.

Modern Luxe Izu presents an expansive story of beautiful fabrics that capture the essence of early 20th century Japanese art, with a refined balance between luxurious construction and natural elements.

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