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Traveling With Nate Berkus

For Nate Berkus, style is personal. That’s why in his first fabric collection with Kravet, he wanted to allow freedom for designers to showcase their distinct point of view. Incorporating inspiration from Nate’s many travels abroad, Well-Traveled offers a fresh perspective that mixes history, architecture, art and craftsmanship. Berkus takes you on a treasure hunt, presenting the many gems he collects as he crisscrosses the globe. Hues ranging from chambray blue and indigo to surf green, as well as camel, taupe and gray showcase the natural elements of the collection. Read More “Traveling With Nate Berkus”

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Introducing… Kravet Workspace at 200 Lex

Always at the forefront of innovation, Kravet Inc. is leading the way with its latest exciting showroom concept: Kravet Workspace, now open at the New York Design Center. So, what’s Workspace? It’s a fully functional showroom designed to be both a shopping resource and a welcoming meeting place for designers. Kravet Workspace boasts advanced technology and a spacious work environment to streamline the customer experience. Read More “Introducing… Kravet Workspace at 200 Lex”

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The Inspiring Craft Behind Folio Francais

Brunschwig & Fils introduces its latest collection, Folio Francais, highlighting the beauty of documentary design reimagined with a fresh perspective. After scouring the renowned Brunschwig & Fils archive, the design studio discovered a documentary collection from 1978, featuring timeless designs from Montgomery Place, an estate in upper New York. The treasures found in this historic home were the founding inspiration for this collection, which includes stunning new prints, embroideries, stripes and velvets. The ensuing results is this classic collection of luxurious fabrics. Read More “The Inspiring Craft Behind Folio Francais”

Featured / Interior Insider: Travel / New Collections

Kravet Introduces Mallorca with Alexa Hampton

Rooted in travel and an appreciation for world culture, Alexa Hampton’s fourth collection with Kravet – Mallorca – is a celebration of style. Incorporating a striking color palette, ethnic design motifs, and a medley of warm texture, the collection evokes the rich cultural landscape and distinct Spanish influence of its city of origin. Skillfully layering patterned designs, Hampton successfully curates a classically warm collection of bold yet balanced textiles. Read More “Kravet Introduces Mallorca with Alexa Hampton”