Saving the Planet, One Sofa, Chair or Ottoman at a Time

Green design is on the rise. See how you can do your part.

Conserving our planet’s natural resources now may ensure having them available for the future.


The company that created Ultrasuede® high-performance fabric, the original ultra-microfiber, has always been known for looking ahead.

Scientists there developed the innovative method for producing a material that is both luxuriously soft and incredibly durable. The unique construction won’t trap dirt particles either, making it super easy to clean.

With its launch in the early ‘70s, Ultrasuede® was a revelation to designers everywhere. American fashion icon Halston and modernist furniture designer Vladimir Kagan were early adopters, attracted to its easy-care features.

Further re-envisioning its manufacturing process, in 2010, the makers of Ultrasuede® created a proprietary recycling method, using pre-consumer polyester waste, which reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions in production by an impressive 80 percent.

In 2015, the company introduced partially plant-based polyester to its microfiber, replacing the need for petroleum-based polyester by around 30 percent, while maintaining all high-performance metrics. And they’re at work to get to 100 percent replacement of the petroleum component.

Feel good specifying Ultrasuede® for your next project. Clients love its benefits, as you do your part to leave more for the generations to follow.

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