From Our Friends: Laura U Interior Design

Laura U designs a sophisticated great room

Homes in Houston, Texas are luxe, lavish and filled with incredible light! The designers at Laura U Interior Design took on this wonderful project with an extraordinary great room used mainly for entertaining. “The client wanted a refined touch and feel to her upholstery pieces, but also needed fabrics that could withstand heavy use,” says Laura U.

The designers went straight to Kravet for their fabric needs. Pairing a vintage sofa with Brunschwig & FilsCreations Metaphores fabric, Laura U created a stand-out statement with this over-sized furniture piece. That being said, Laura U chose neutral fabric colors to keep the large interior balanced.

“There’s a lot going on in this space and we wanted each piece to look unique without competing with the more colorful elements in the space,” says Laura U. “It was important for us that the fabrics were elegant neutrals with a great drape quality and heft.”

The sofa is flanked by two custom swivel chairs with Calvin Klein for Kravet fabric, offering necessary movement for a busy space. Adjacent to that seating area is a custom vintage Tete a Tete sofa in Kravet Basics fabric – the perfect addition for a room meant for entertaining.

“These pieces were made specifically for this room and they look lovely here,” says Laura U. “Not only that, they feel luxe.”

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