One-On-One With Addison Weeks

Kravet Inc. is excited to announce an exclusive partnership with Addison Weeks, offering the brand’s luxury hardware options on select custom furniture pieces. 

But who are the designers behind the high-quality hardware? Lee Addison Lesley and Katherine Weeks Mulford are two Southern designers whose love of gemstones and statement jewelry prompted them to launch Addison Weeks in 2012. With ten years in the jewelry business under their belt, the duo saw a need for versatile, high quality fashion jewelry and eventually, furniture hardware. The evolving offering is both classic and modern, dedicated to hand crafted luxurious creations with Addison Weeks hardware made of solid brass that is hand finished in either silver or gold, with options for resin accents. Through this exclusive collaboration, designers can choose from eleven premium pulls and knobs, available in two finishes: silver or gold. 

Kravet Inc. chats with the design duo about how this exciting partnership came to be!

Kravet: Addison Weeks could be considered “jewelry for your furniture” – how did you take your experience creating unique jewelry and apply it to furniture hardware and decor? What’s the same and what’s notably different?

Addison Weeks: As jewelry designers, our focus has always been on creating designs that people love for years to come. In doing that we balance the classic with modern and use unique elements to give a high quality product at an unmatched value.

While designing our hardware we use the same principals and challenge ourselves to create timeless designs made with superior craftsmanship. We are experimenting with new elements that haven’t been used in furniture hardware before, creating a very distinctive look for our line. 

KK: How did your love of jewelry translate to hardware?

AW: Our jewelry customers love to decorate their homes. They are always looking to perfect the finer details, so we were not surprised when we were asked to design hardware. Customers around the country loved our fresh take on this product category and the quality that we carry on from our jewellery making.

We continue to be inspired to see how our customers use our hardware in their various projects. We allow them to customize the products by offering multiple finishes and gemstone combinations.

KK: Would you say your Southern roots influence your overall aesthetic?

AW: We grew up in Richmond, VA and Charlotte NC – so we have always been inspired by southern life which focuses on taking pride in your home and making your home beautiful for your family and friends to live and entertain in. We are always listening to our customers and what they want – while we have a bit of southern flair in our designs we have pieces that cater to transitional, traditional mid-century and others. 

KK: What does it mean to you to partner with Kravet Inc.?

AW: We are absolutely thrilled at this opportunity to partner with Kravet. For us Kravet stands for innovation, high-design, quality and craftsmanship and those values are at the core of our business too. 

KK: How was it working with the Kravet Furniture team?

AW: It’s been great to collaborate with the Kravet team on this project. We have worked together as one team and in the process have learnt a great deal from merchandising and marketing teams. The Kravet team has always been available to answer our questions and support us through this process which has made this project one of our favorites.

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