Luxe Lighting Introduces ‘Brutale’

Luxe Light & Home, sold exclusively through Kravet, announces its latest introduction: Brutale.

Luxe Light & Home

Tiers of organic Venetian glass elements, modeled after a brutalist sculpture, hang heavy yet light as air on strands of jeweler’s chain – like icicles melted in the winter sun and then frozen once more. Each Brutale glass piece, cast in quartz sand, glows with a fine molten texture and seeded bubbles that reveal the hand of the artist.

Luxe Light & Home

Luxe lighting collections are handcrafted from the finest materials, combining classic motifs with contemporary flair to create signature illuminated features that are equal part light and art. Balancing light and shadow, color and clarity, each Luxe lighting fixture is a one of a kind creation.

All of the Luxe lighting fixtures not only come in standard configurations, but can be customized for different sizes and finishes through Kravet or Luxe Lighting directly.


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