Get To Know Carrier and Company

Carrier and Company’s debut collection with Lee Jofa is finally here and we are excited to get to know this dynamic design duo. 


Meet Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller, the principal designers of Carrier and Company Interiors. This husband and wife design team creates rooms that offer a confident mix of timeless and contemporary design – both familiar and fresh at once. This pair is known for focusing on connecting clients with a space in a manner that reflects the distinct and singular nature of both.

Although this is their first collection with Lee Jofa, this couple is used to being in the interior design spotlight, even being included on the AD100 list, as well as Elle Décor’s A-List, to name a few.


Carrier and Company’s debut collection is a sophisticated, chic and transitional collection of fabrics and wallpapers. Inspired by both Town and Country, the collection reflects the Carrier’s interiors as well as the places they call home. Offering a fresh take on tradition, this collection combines patterns inspired by the countryside, which are then transformed into refined and urbane designs using scale, rich color, and luxurious threads and weaves. The collection is inspired by the history, landscape and charm the Hudson Valley has to offer. One can see the influence of rolling fields, open sky, and the silhouette of distant mountains in the colors and patterns of this newest collection. This collection is meant to share Carrier and Company’s vision for what a timeless, positively chic interior can look like by embracing an unexpected mix of patterns, colors and materials. 


To better understand and get to know Jesse and Mara we asked them about some of their “Favorite Things.” Jesse and Mara may be business partners and husband and wife, but that does not mean they have the same favorites! When it comes to colors, Jesse’s favorite is blue while Mara’s is yellow. Mara’s favorite dessert is chocolate lava cake while Jesse prefers creme brulee. When it comes to their favorite pattern in their debut collection, Mara adores Bale and Jesse’s stand out pattern is Benson.  One favorite thing this incredible duo can agree on is their favorite destination… home. 

Before letting Jesse and Mara off the hook, we wanted to play one last game with them, This or That! Let’s see if Carrier and Company is on the same page about some fun categories.

We are thrilled to have worked with Carrier and Company on their debut collection with Lee Jofa

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