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Kravet Inc.’s Boutique Brands curate an extensive array of worldly styles, showcasing premium craftsmanship and unique luxury. Each brand brings forth a distinct aesthetic, taking tastemakers on a design journey that traverses continents and cultures, offering an unparalleled journey through the diverse and captivating landscapes of interior design.

Andrew Martin

Since its inception in 1978, Andrew Martin has been a trailblazer in global design. By integrating elements from different parts of the world, Andrew Martin’s designs and collections offer a unique and captivating experience that transcends traditional boundaries and sparks imagination.

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Blithfield epitomizes the essence of British design, effortlessly blending timeless classics with contemporary trends. Rooted in the rich history of archival documents, their designs are infused with a unique flair that sets them apart as truly one-of-a-kind creations.

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Caroline Cecil

Caroline Cecil founded her brand in California in 2015—expanding it to include fabrics and wallcoverings, all inspired by her paintings. Known for a minimalist aesthetic with clean colors, textures, and prints, the brand is committed to artisanal manufacturing, embracing the unique imperfections of handmade designs.

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Josephine Munsey

Hand-illustrated wallcoverings from Josephine Munsey bring happiness and warmth to homes. Inspired by her countryside surroundings in England, her designs feature woodlands, wildlife, and florals. 

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Founded in 2001, LIZZO creates luxurious fabric collections that harmonize colors and textures, catering to refined design sensibilities worldwide. Central to their creative process is the fusion and eclecticism of different cultures, which is essential to their design tradition.

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An innovator in weaving and editing fabrics for interior design, Métaphores is a celebrated, contemporary brand with a distinct French signature. It combines the centenarian expertise of Verel de Belval in silk furnishings and Le Crin in hand-woven horsehair, showcasing mastery in noble textile materials central to its craft.

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Mulberry Home

Mulberry Home, focusing on quality and craftsmanship, draws design inspiration from its rich fashion heritage. Each distinctive collection features a unique theme, introducing new ideas and colors while consistently retaining the brand’s spirit.

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Paolo Moschino

The worldly aesthetic of Paolo Moschino brings an international perspective to design. Their philosophy is that spaces should be full of personality, elegantly imperfect, and always with an unexpected twist.

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Threads, created by GP & J Baker, embodies a stylish, sophisticated aesthetic with a cool, relaxed vibe. It epitomizes glamor, style, and a unique sense of cool sophistication.

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Boutique Collections

Collections with a worldy aesthetic

Gaston y Daniela exclusive partnership with one of Spain’s most influential decorators Lorenzo Castillo. Explore more here.

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