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Unmatched Craftsmanship From Holland MacRae

Meticulously hand-crafted and thoughtfully procured, Holland MacRae offers unmatched quality with each of its English antique-inspired furniture. The legendary furniture brand began its legacy nearly fifty years ago. First known for procuring and reproducing quality English antiques, Holland & Company eventually joined MacRae to create today’s leading luxury furniture company. Read More “Unmatched Craftsmanship From Holland MacRae”

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High Point Market Highlights

Hi everyone! My name is Alexis, part of the Kravet Inc. Marketing team. For High Point Fall Market, the team asked me to join them to document all the style, fun and celebration – and Market did not disappoint. It was a blast to meet so many of our fabulous customers and other Kravet employees from around the country. Our showroom floor was packed with stunning new introductions from Kravet Furniture. And we partied to our hearts content in celebration of Kravet’s 100th anniversary.

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On Trend: Pattern Immersion

Pattern immersion. It’s a trend seen from coast to coast, popping up in new ways every day. Enveloping an interior with a visually intriguing pattern is the quickest way to captivate a space. And there’s nobody in the industry who understands this better than renowned designer Kelly Wearstler. Kelly’s wide offering of geometric and dimensional designs both stand out and seamlessly blend together, creating the perfect illusionary experience. Read More “On Trend: Pattern Immersion”

Kravet Inc.
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Our Story

The storied tale of Kravet Inc.’s 100-year-old history starts in 1903, when Samuel Kravet arrived in New York City from Russia. With a passion for men’s fashion and luxury tailoring, he started selling buttons, elastics and zippers for apparel. He would often visit the luxurious homes of his clients, which inspired a new endeavor: trimmings, tassels and tie-backs for the home.

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